Nexential Technology Solutions


Nexential Solutions provide comprehensive HR Services which include HR Advisory, HR Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition, HR Audit, Employee Learning & Development, Payroll management & Statutory compliance. Backed by an experienced team, a strong database, and superior market intelligence, we have been delivering the desired results to our clients by providing proper HR solutions. Through our HR Services, we have been helping our clients globally to meet their HR needs.
Nexential Solutions provides HR consultancy to equip with the right candidate and help in On-boarding for a permanent job role within the organization for a long term professional experience. Our human resource management team will bring in the right candidates with the right kind of requirements.
Why hire a permanent resource and incur long term fixed cost where as the demand for a resource is subjected to market scenario. Nexential Solutions provide HR consultancy to find the right candidates for the contractual/temporary staffing.
HR consultancy establishes a good relationship with top universities and colleges and our human resource management helps to provide the best graduates depending upon the need and requirement. By consulting varies firm we provide right HR solutions.
Nexential Solutions shortlists the right candidates based on the requirement and does a background check to provide a secured and trusted relationship.

Our Recruitment Process


Our HR experts understand the key requirement of an organization. By understanding the requirement, Nexential provides cost-effective service with a hassle-free process on time.

Short Listing​

Our HR experts analyze the market from various sources and pick up only the potential candidates based on the desired criteria. By maintaining a database with scoring technique only the best candidates are shortlisted.​

Professional Negotiation

Our HR experts negotiate with the candidates regarding the salary by considering the organization’s cost per person. With the negotiations, experienced and talented candidates are hired with cost-efficiency.​

Onboarding Process

Our HR experts help in the Onboarding process and help to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors of the potential candidate to become an effective organizational member and to become a part of the organization. ​

Background Verification

Our HR experts do a background check to provide a secured and trusted relationship between the employee and the employer. Our verification includes employment history check, education verification, and other checks to ensure the genuineness. ​


Our HR experts assure that the perfect candidate is bagged in the organization for a suitable role. If the candidate is not suitable or lacks skills, Nexential assures to provide another resource in filling the position within a limited time.​